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In 2014 Andrew Grey and Mark Bolland, researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, reviewed fish oil research published in major journals between 2005 and 2012 based on randomised clinical trials. Twenty-two of the 24 studies showed no benefit, and since then another three trials have similarly found fish oil to be ineffective.

And yet, and yet, eating oily fish has been repeatedly found to be healthy.

The most obvious explanation for this discrepancy is that there is a lot more in an oily fish than there is in fish oil.

One of the key nutrients found in oily fish is a polyphenol called phlorotannin, which the fish get from the same place they get their omega 3’s from; cold water seaweeds. This key nutrient, which protects the fragile omega 3’s and complements their anti-inflammatory activity, is removed from almost all fish oil products, leaving them more fragile and less effective.

Balance oil is, as you know, a blend of fish oil with high polyphenol olive oil. Because polyphenols have been put back into the fish oil, consuming Balance oil is more like eating an oily fish than taking a simple fish oil; and the oleic acid (from the olive oil) has other heart benefits all of its own.

We have seen thousands of cases where people have tried to manage their health problems with fish oil with no result or benefit, and no change in their omega 6:3 ratios. But when they switch to Balance oil they see an improved 6:3 ratio, and experience life-changing and lasting improvements in their conditions. This shows how important the polyphenols are.

Fish oil as we knew it is dead. Long live Balance oil.

But Balance oil is not the end of the story. It takes some time to take effect, because you can’t hurry love. Or cell membrane chemistry. This is the best there is, but of course we will keep on looking to improve, so maybe one day we can do it even better. Watch this space.

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