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Do not begin dieting, change your lifestyle!

Nowadays there are countless diet and weight loss methods, but which one is really effective? Alone none of them. One diet will never be effective. If you want to reach success, you need a complex solution.

Start now!

Do not delay it. Start little steps and little changes. When you begin, eat smaller portions more times than now of the same food and gradually transition to balanced and healthy nutrition. Start to exercise 3 times a week at least 30 minutes. Go to the gym or running, swimming or take part in team sports.

Be motivated!

It is important that you do it for you and not because of someone else. It is a good idea to find partner because if one of you gives up the other helps to continue and vice versa.

Eat a healthy diet!

Eat regularly, 5 times a day smaller portions. Usually the side dish should be vegetables and use coconut oil for cooking instead of sunflower oil. Avoid white bread and pastries.

Get rid of your scale!

Watch the mirror rather than your weight. If you start exercising and change your lifestyle, you will feel much better. Everybody knows that the muscles are heavier than fat, so if you move a little, it is possible the scale will show the same value but you will look and feel much better.

Do not want fast changes!

If you want results, it takes time. You need at least 3 months you see the results. During that period, your body will get used to changes. You can be sure that exercise will become part of your daily routine.

Do not forget to take vitamins and protein supplements!

As your performance improves and you exercise becomes more intensively you may feel that your body needs more nutrients. If you move regularly, you need vitamins and protein supplements even if your diet is balanced. Proteins play a significant role in muscle regeneration.

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