Skin problems? Omega-3 can help here, too.

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Your skin is like a mirror. It shows if something does not function properly in your body. Particular skin areas on your face can be linked to certain organs. At the same time, it reflects your state of mind and environmental effects. For example, it can become dry and red in winter.

In many cases, it is enough to change your diet and your skin will regain its healthy appearance. Many people’s skin develops rashes as a reaction to excessively fat foods. In other cases, your skin can show that you have some kind of allergy: red skin, eczema, inflammation can develop. Of course, dieting does not always help because it is possible that there is not too much of something in your body. To the contrary, it can suffer from deficiency.

Beneficial effects of omega-3

Essential fatty acids belong to the building blocks of your body. They can not be produced by your body, so you can only get them from your diet. Omega-3s are part of essential fatty acids. Fatty fish, nuts and dairy products contain the highest amounts of omega-3.

Your body normally shows that you have omega-3 deficiency: your skin and your hair begin to break and become sensitive. If you take enough omega-3 supplements which are high quality then you can reduce skin irritation. Moreover, you can even regenerate it. These fatty acids can help improve acne and can support cell membrane health. This is important as cell membranes are responsible for cell homeostasis, cell wall permeability. This determines how many wrinkles are on the surface of your skin.

Bad news! Your diet does not contain enough omega-3

Due to refined foods and modern, unhealthy diet, the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 is unbalanced. The recommended omega-6:3 ratio is 1:1 (although between 3:1 and 5:1 is acceptable). Instead, the average ratio is 15:1 in Europe and 25:1 in the USA. It is quite important to increase omega-3 intake and try to reach balance.

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